My journey so far...

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. At a young age, I loved the arts and was given my first camera when I was around nine years old. I proceeded to lose that camera on a bus in Germany, not because I didn't love it, but because I fell asleep and then we had to depart quickly and it stayed sitting on the bus bench.

Eventually, I got a new camera again. After that, it hardly left my side.

I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba in 2013. During that time, I exhibited in a group show at Platform Gallery and at our faculty's School of Art building. The first time I was published was in 2013 alongside the other fabulous Fine Art grads. Looking back at the work I placed in, I can see I still wasn't exactly sure who I wanted to be as a photographer. The collection of images was random, half interesting pieces of work. The artist statement I wrote for the book was;

"I've always been drawn to photography and the special moments I can capture with a camera. For this collection, I wanted to bring together a variety of photographs. As I move forward, camera in hand, I hope to preserve life that's there for that second and make it last forever on paper."

I'd like to think that my final show in the faculty was a bit more intriguing.

I moved straight into my second degree at the U of M which was a Bachelor of Education. During this time, I began a small photography business, doing the occasional photoshoot for people. 

In 2015, I completed my education degree and moved to Watford, England where I taught Kindergarten (or Reception as they call it there) for two years. My photography was still something I loved, but it became more documentary than art. 

When I returned from England, I was determined to get a job teaching at minimum art but ideally photography. After a year of substitute teaching, I found that dream job at Vincent Massey Collegiate. In around this time, I had a photograph selected to be published in a book called, 'Manitoba by Manitoba'. This was unexpected because I hadn't heard the results and assumed I did not make it in. After that, I had several photographs selected for the Red River Ex Photo Salon. I didn't take home any prizes from that show, but it was still another step to get me back to photography for not only myself but others.


Another exciting and life altering event, at least for me, was being asked to display my photography at the first ever Egyptian Pavilion at Folkorama (in the summer of 2019). A pan of my photos even made the news! I also got to stand on stage and talk briefly about the joys of traveling and photographing Egypt.

I decided to join the Manitoba Camera Club, meeting other photographers who have taught me even more. I was proudly placed in a member showing at the Millennium Library. I even have three photos in the display at the Manitoba Hydro Training Centre near Stonewall. Unfortunately, I have not been able to see that in person yet due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As I continue on in my career, I have learnt so many new and exciting ways to create photos. Some of these inspirations have come from my student's work. I want to continue to photograph for myself but will share my work when I can to others. This is my passion, my stress relief, my way of expression. 

This is my photography.

(Written May, 16th, 2020)

Myself with my camera at the ready. Looking at this now makes me think of Vivian Maier and all the photos she just took for herself.
The first time my work was published in a book, circa 2013.
A younger self standing in front of my portion of the final Fine Art graduates show circa 2013.
This photograph was one of eight from my final show and was also exhibited in Platform Gallery.
That's my Arctic fox photo on the left! 
Manitoba by Manitoba.jpg
Speaking about traveling and photographing the marvels of Egypt.
My display at the Egyptian Pavilion. 
Publish in February 2021

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