Another Bouquet, Another Artwork

I am very excited for the next few months because I have two subscriptions for flowers. One I purchased myself on sale from Callia flowers and the other I was gifted from my best friend from Floral Fixx. Saturday I received my first bouquet of the month from Callia flowers. When flowers became an item that was 'non-essential' to see and purchase in store, I was rather upset. I had been using floral photography as a stress relief. Now I am lucky enough to have two bouquets a month for my art for the next two months.

Here are some of the photos I took of "The Brave" bouquet from Callia flowers. I used the paper that wrapped the flowers as a backdrop and my ring flash for lighting. My camera was on a tripod so I could use an f/stop of 22 and ISO of 100 for clarity. I think I may select one of these in my next postcard series.

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