Putting Myself Out There

I believe I said this in an earlier blog post, or perhaps in my personal journal, but I am really trying to get my work out there this year! With each new attempt, my confidence grows. I am trying to join more groups of local small businesses to get my work out there. I am very excited that I will also be in a small business item swap come April. I also may do a print giveaway for Valentine's day on my Instagram because why not!

I dropped off my items at The Locals shop this weekend. It will be interesting to see what may sell. If nothing, well at least I tried! Staying positive may be difficult when you first start off a small business because you are constantly trying to get followers and may start to compare yourself to others. Yet it is about working with a community, not competing with them. So if you are just starting out like I am, just remember, support is given when you also support others.

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