A couple of exciting updates! I have a submission that has been accept and will be published in the upcoming Wandering Autumn Magazine! The magazine will be released February 1st, 2021. The issue is about "Love and Stuff". I sent in my story about my love for photography and flowers and how this new found love has gotten me through stressful times.

Another exciting update is that I will be selling my prints, postcards and some framed work with The Locals very soon! I have carefully crafted my online shop and gathered up my inventory. I am hoping to drop items off some time this week so there is stock in for Valentine's Day if anyone wants to purchase a print for their loved one. They take some commission, but I am doing this more to try and get my work out into the world than making money. Who knows, maybe there will be other benefits! I would like to try and be in another gallery show at some point in my life, might be something to look into for later this year or next when COVID-19 restrictions loosen.

Not only do I want to be a role model for my students, I want to be proud of what I have accomplished. Putting myself out there even more then before is how I can achieve these goals.

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